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Bit We Can organises panel discussion on sexual abuse in Delhi

We conducted an event “Your Voice Matters- a panel discussion on understanding touch & Sexual Abuse on Sunday, May 5th in Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi. The session focused on covering various aspects related to sexual abuse. The panel discussion constituted Neha Somani who had been a victim herself, Dr. Rashmi Bansal who has been working in the areas of Jharkhand to prevent Human Trafficking, Anindita who is a psychologist at Sir Gangaram Hospital, Aditya Dasgupta, a male victim, and Sanjay Vashishtha, an advocate from Supreme Court. Dr. Rashmi was accompanied by two of the Bravehearts saved from trafficking – Aarti, and Rupni, who are now working in the prevention of trafficking of other children in Jharkhand. The panel discussion was followed by an open forum discussion where people asked different questions to the panelists.

The session was conducted not just for those who had been through as sexual abuse, but also for every responsible citizen of the world. People need to understand and realize how their understanding can help prevent sexual abuse in their surroundings. Almost 50 people participated in the session. The discussion started by the narration of the stories of Neha and Aditya by themselves. Their stories were painful and the way they stood up to raise their voice is very appreciable. Anindita covered the psychological aspects and explained everyone the role and mental state of victims, victimizers, and the general public in such scenarios. Dr. Rashmi explained the ground level situation of our country and how urban community plays a role in it. Sanjay covered deep details of constitutional framework related to sexual abuse.

The open forum discussion that proceeded the panel discussion had many questions by the attendees for the panelists. The questions covered the journey and the source of motivation of victims who were able to speak up, the ways to deal through such situations, and various government programs and reforms in existence that help in the prevention of sexual abuse. Sanjay, the advocate said,” Sessions like these should not be just for the sake of it, and instead we all collectively work day in and day out to have this problem reduced at the grassroots level.

Mayank Agarwal, co-founder of Bit We Can said, “Sexual Abuse is one of the least discussed topics in India in spite of the fact that almost 85% of us have gone through it at some point in our lives. It is high time that we start talking about it, understand what constitutes it, ways to prevent it, and also know the institutional framework around it.”

The organization has planned to conduct such similar session across various cities of the country.

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