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Kids of Katyayni Balika Ashram and Trilokpuri learn the art of Origami with Yasha Jain

Being around children is always filled with fun, laughter and joy. We organized Origami Workshops to teach the children of Katyani Balika Ashram as well the local community of Trilokpuri in collaboration with Yasha Jain.

Origami is the Japanese art of Paper folding to make intricate designs. Origami is also a therapy and a way to relax, have fun, and bring out your creative side. It engenders a patience that creates pride in one’s work, the ability to focus energy, and increases self-esteem.

Yasha has been practicing Origami since few years now. She loves kids, and has been volunteering at several NGOs to help them with the craft sessions. She did not take a second to agree to help us with this event. Let’s bring some smile to the faces of these lovely kids.

Katyayani Balika Ashram is home to around 70 girls. Almost fifty of them participated in the workshop. Workshop in Trilokpuri was conducted at a community park in the area and around 30 kids participated in it. Anushri Saxena who actively works in the Trilokpuri area helped us organize things there. These workshops were organized for these kids to make an attempt to further enhance their creative side.

The overwhelming participation led to an incredible experience. Hundreds of children and hundreds of stories. The children were a bit shy initially but as the workshop began, they opened up really well, started interacting more and shared their experiences. The enthusiasm of children to learn new things is always motivating. During the session, the children learnt to make origami houses, fishes, boxes and flowers, and were eager to learn more. The enjoyment of the children was evident from their big smiles and adorable questions they asked at the end of the session – “When will this take place next”, “Will you come tomorrow”, and “We want to learn more things”.

Bit We Can will continue to collaborate with other artists and conduct such workshops on a regular basis.


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