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Read how Mr Chatter Singh, an Uber Driver, does his bit to help others!

After a drunk night, all you need is an Uber driver who can drop you back home safe.

This is exactly where Mr Chatter Singh came to our rescue for me and my friend. His only request was just to let him know just in case we felt pukish and he will stop the car any number of times and not drink in the car. Keeping his promise he did stop the car a couple of times whenever my friend asked for it.

After dropping my friend, got to know a bit more about him. Mr Singh came to Delhi in 90’s from Amritsar and has been working in Delhi since. Has recently started working with Uber and prefers driving late in the night than in the busy hrs during the day. Father of two with both kids who have successfully completed their education. One is a Masters in Psychology and the other a MBA.

Some of you might think that this is his job and he hasn’t done anything extraordinary but alot could have gone wrong in these type of situations. He kept his calm in dealing with difficult customers and in some way giving back to the society. That’s what’s exactly #bitwecan stands for. We need more heros like him to make our Delhi safe and better place to be.

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